Cookie Cutter Fudge #Crafts

First off I want to say that the first time I did this it didn’t turn out.  Yes, sometimes chefs make mistakes and I am no exception but please don’t tell anyone. :-D

The mistake that I made was that when I tried this instead of pouring fudge into the cookie cutters like molds, I poured a pan of fudge and tried to cut out the shapes.  Can you say messy?  I ended up melting the whole batch down, washing the cookie cutters and starting over again.  Lots of time wasted but the results are worth it.  Just learn from my boneheadedness please.

I have a very easy and delicious chocolate fudge recipe here: Fast Friendly Fudge

The fudge turns out every time and doesn’t have the graininess that old fashioned fudge recipes often get if you’re not careful.

So with recipe firmly in mind I cooked up a double batch and got ready to pour.

As I mentioned before I had to melt it down again because of my sticky error but this is how you’re supposed to do it. Doh!!

Equipment Needed


  1. Wrap the bottom of each cookie cutter tightly with some foil
  2. Set each of the wrapped cookie cutters on a baking sheet
  3. After you have them all wrapped, lightly spray the insides of each cutter/foil combo with cooking spray
  4. Fill each of the cookie cutters with your fudge. ( I used a measuring cup as a scoop to help pour )
  5. After they are all filled put your sheet with filled cookie cutters in the refrigerator to chill for a few hours or overnight
  6. After your fudge is chilled and firm decorate them up with candy, nuts, etc… Let your imagination run rampant.
  7. Peel the foil off the bottom of the cutter and clean up the outside of the cutter
  8. Wrap each fudge/cutter combination with some pretty plastic wrap and give them away to all of your favorite people
  9. Watch the people ooo and ah at your delicious gift

Hope you like this. I have to get back to making bows and wrapping fudge. :-D