Milwaukee Gains Beautiful New Asian Market

Yesterday I stopped at a big beautiful new Asian market that rivals the markets in Chicago.  I felt like a kid in a candy store and picked up some squid jerky and ate at one of the attached cafes.  I also chatted with the one of the owners of Banh Mi Nhu’ Y a small deli style food counter and sampled one of their steamed buns and mango bubble drinks. (both very good)

This market just opened up a week ago and it is amazing.  It has a wonderful fresh food section along with seafood, bakery, and even a florist area.  If you love Asian food or are constantly looking for Asian ingredients here is the place to look in Milwaukee.  The staff was very friendly and helped us locate a few items that we had difficultly finding.  Everything was clean and I can’t wait to go again…SOON!!!

Where is this place?

  • Viet Hoa Pacific Produce
  • 5455 South 27th Street
  • Greenfield, Wisconsin 53221
  • (414) 817-0241

Bánh Mì Nhu' Ỳ on Urbanspoon