The Hmong Market: A Gem In Milwaukee #Micro-View

I’m so excited to do this introduction. After moving to our house a few years ago I became acquainted with a small market that was nearby. This has come to known as the Hmong community center. Over the relatively short time that we have been going there it has blossomed into a one stop shop for Asian food and culture.

The building was a former automotive repair shop that has been scrubbed clean and life has been infused into this once cold block hulk and the vibrant heart of the Hmong has been transplanted.

The city of Milwaukee at one point was not going to let the development of this as a place for a restaurant or cafe to exist. Thankfully those hurdles have been overcome.

This continues to be an ongoing project as the Hmong community center expands it’s offerings.

Recently the project that has captivated my interest is their building of a cafe within the confines of the building. Up until now everything was cooked on the outside of the building in a makeshift tented dining area. While they produced delicious food if inclement weather was in the cards it didn’t always make for a pleasant experience.

Through this all the wonderful staff and families have been extremely welcoming as we have shopped there, had lunch with the families there and just love going there.

I could be selfish and keep this knowledge to myself but I just know that if you make it to this beautiful market that you will be transported to another time and place where good food, community, and family combine harmoniously. I could never keep that to myself.

My hope is that the Milwaukee community at large will support this wonderful market and enjoy all of the food, fresh markets and people.

So how is the food? The day that I was here for the review we ordered some curry chicken, fried rice, egg rolls and steamed fish.

The part that I love about this cafe is that you can see all of the food being made from fresh ingredients with love and care.

The food was fantastic as always.

Please go check the Hmong community center out. Spend some time exploring and tell them Chef Felisha sent you!!

So how do I find this place?

  • Long Cheng Noodles & Grill
  • 6300 North 76th Street, Suite 50
  • Milwaukee, WI 53218
  • 414-491-9972

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