Sobelman’s Tallgrass Grill, Micro-view

I did a review of Sobelman’s Pub and Grill a while back.  I was not very enthusiastic about Sobelman’s and the review certainly reflects that.  Dave Sobelman called me on the carpet for that review saying that I was too harsh in my critique.  You can read the review here:

He also invited me to try out his other location, Sobelman’s Tallgrass Grill.

One of the differences of the Tallgrass Grill is that the beef used is grass fed beef supplied by Tallgrass Beef.  So my dining partner and I ventured out and looked up the Tallgrass Grill for an evening meal.

You can order your burgers cooked to order so we bellied up to the bar and ordered 2 burgers and 1 order of onion rings.  The main difference from the Tallgrass Grill vs the Pub and Grill is that the Tallgrass looks the part of the typical burger joint with better quality beef as it’s secret ingredient.

Sitting down the onion rings and burgers were served up in no time.  I love onion rings and they were done very well.  The burgers were cooked to order as we had specified.  The burgers were served on buns that are soft and a hallmark of Sobelman burgers.

Check them out and sound off down below.  What has been your experience with the Tallgrass Grill?

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