Sobelman’s Pub and Grill Micro-view

After the Food Wars piece that I did yesterday I decided to trek down to Sobelman’s to check them out. 

I don’t usually eat burgers but for research sake I decided to put my body on the line.

This isn’t a full review but suffice it to say I won’t be going back. Burgers are ubiquitous, there are not enough differences in most of them to bother with.  I can say that Sobelman’s was no different in this respect.  The bun was nice and soft but aside from that the food was greasy and tasteless.  I have more respect for my body than to continue to put such poor fuel into it.

I love good onion rings and again mediocrity struck again with onion rings that were just fodder for ketchup and not much else.  We had the “Loser” burger that was their special and commemorated their losing to AJ Bombers during the food Wars episode, and we had the signature burger the “Sobelman’s Burger”.  Aside from some jalapenos the two burgers were identical tasting.

Where is this place?

  • Sobelman’s Pub and Grill
  • 1900 W Saint Paul Ave
  • Milwaukee, WI 53233-2634
  • (414) 931-1919

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