Noodles And Company #Micro-View & Give-A-Way

I don’t usually do restaurant reviews of national chain restaurants, preferring to do restaurants that are more locally based.  However when Lemke Anderson Communications, the PR Firm for Noodles & Company, contacted me I thought why the heck not.  To be fair they did entice me with a meal and when it comes to food nothing will get me to go somewhere faster than the promise of food.

So I and my dining companion headed out to our nearest Noodles & Company in the area which ended up being at 8781 N. Port Washington road, in Milwaukee.

We got there around noon and the restaurant was packed with hungry people.  We got our chance to order and after careful consideration we chose pot stickers for an appetizer then orders of Pesto Cavatappi and their Pad Thai noodles.

After wrangling a table to eat at we waited for the food.  After 5-10 minutes we were presented with our dishes.  The obligatory pictures were snapped and then the sampling began.

I had ordered the Pad Thai with some tofu and the tofu was pressed and firm with a nice texture.  The flavor was tasty with a good mix of crisp veggies to top it all off.  The noodles had a nice firm texture that weren’t overcooked.   Score one for the Noodles’ Staff.

We moved on to the pot stickers next.  Just a note, I have never seen pot stickers as flat as these were.  They tasted fine and the dipping sauce was similar to many that I’ve sampled before, it’s just comical how flat they were.  I’m told that they use a press in the back to cook the pot stickers so that’s why they’re very thin.

After the pot stickers we dug into the Pesto Cavatappi.  I love the curly noodles and again they were cooked and displayed well.  The dish was perhaps a bit under seasoned but with the addition of the Parmesan cheese this helped out but still was a bit salt lean for my liking.

All said a pretty solid outing.  To be honest I wasn’t expecting a 5 star meal but figuring out the cost of a typical meal it is reasonable food for the money.   I did ask one of the staff members if everything was made on site.  I was informed that much of what is prepared in the restaurant is prepared off site and then shipped in.

Now for the fun part.  I was given a goodie bag with some t-shirts, carry bag, and even some Noodles & Company Lip balm.  Just leave a comment below and tell me about your latest Noodles and Company experience.  I’ll pick someone at random on  Saturday, January 21st, 2012 to get this great swag. GOOD LUCK