Chen’s Gourmet Chinese Restaurant Micro-view

  • “A restaurant with the word “GOURMET” in it’s title probably isn’t” ~ ancient Chef Felisha proverb


[goor-mey, goor-mey]


2. of or characteristic of a gourmet, esp. in involving or purporting to involve high-quality or exotic ingredients and skilled preparation: gourmet meals; gourmet cooking” Reference

The other day I again continued my constant search for someplace different to eat.  A suggestion was made for Chen’s Gourmet Chinese Restaurant in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

The food was plain and the “Pressed Duck” that I ordered was revolting.  My dining companion ordered “Double Crispy” that tasted somewhat better.

The “Crab Rangoon” was sweet and very light on the crab type substance and heavy on the cream cheese. The flavor was fine but certainly didn’t live up to the crab in “Crab Rangoon”.

On the positive side the staff was amazingly friendly, and the tea was good.

Where is this place?

  • Chen’s Gourmet Chinese Restaurant
  • N85W16138 Appleton Ave
  • Menomonee Falls, WI 53051-3047
  • (262) 251-8833

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