Bleeding Heart Bakery, Micro-view

Bakery Nirvana?

This last weekend we went down to Chicago to visit a friend of ours for some much needed recuperative time.  While there we did a bit of exploring in some of the many markets, restaurants, and shops that the windy city has to offer.  At one point we decided to go and check out one of the bakeries that I had wanted to find out more about.   The Bleeding Heart Bakery, labels itself a punk-rock pastry outlet that makes use of organic ingredients and sustainable products.

There are two locations of which we visited the Chicago outlet.  Inside is an eclectic and cozy space with delectable fare just begging customers to buy them all.  Mustering up all the restraint that I could, we ordered 3 tasty treats, a red velvet cupcake, a smores brownie and a banana/walnut brownie.  All three were delicious and were quickly scarfed up.

Not only does the Bleeding Heart make delicious hand held morsels but they also make custom cake creations from morbid to magical.  We had a great time there and though it’s a small shop there is so much to see.  Check out the cool wire whips used for lights and many more cute, cool, and catchy touches.

If you’re in the neighborhood or even in Chicago, check out this bountiful bakery.  I did and my tummy was really glad that I did. (just not my waistline)

Where is this place?

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