Antigua Restaurant West Allis, Wisconsin Micro-view

The other day I was stopped into Antigua restaurant in West Allis, Wisconsin and chatted with Chef Nicolas and his wife Lali.  Antigua is a Mexican and Latin restaurant that has great food, wonderful atmosphere, and friendly staff.

Chef Nicolas

Chef Nicolas takes traditional recipes and crafts them into delicious dishes that look great and taste amazing. In talking with him it became evident that his passion is to not only provide a wonderful meal but to also introduce each diner to a unique menu that isn’t filled with tacos and burritos.

Also each menu item not only has a description but also the country of origin for that particular dish.

Fortunately for me I had the Chef pick me out a few items that he thought expressed what Antiqua was all about.

First of all they brought out a small appetizer plate with a number of different items. I’m sorry to say that we scarfed them down before getting a picture.

Mmmm Sliders

The next items though I had some presence of mind to take pictures and spend a bit more time contemplating each tasty bite.

The first item was the Chochinita Sliders. Each little pulled pork sandwich packed together with a sweet bread bun and pickled red onions. A really wonderful taste treat.

Crispy, yummy, goodness

The second plate was an Argentinian treat that was not only delicious but fun to dig into and discover. Called Yolanda Empanadas, they were packed with Olives, hard boiled eggs, and raisins.  Really nice flavor combinations packed into these.

And then a French style raspberry ice cream that was amazing was brought out. The only problem I saw with this sundae was that it was too small. ;-)

Two spoons? I don’t want to share!


Thanks so much to Lali, Chef Nicolas and their staff for a wonderful taste of a few of their items and I can’t wait to stop in again very soon.

Where can you find this place?

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