Alpine Weight Loss Secrets (Book Review)

** Full Disclosure ** I was asked to review this book and in return I will be receiving a hard cover copy of it. Just thought you should know.

Alpine Weight Loss Secrets is a book written by Stefan Aschan. I did a little bit of digging to find out more about Mr. Aschan. He is a fitness consultant in New York city and evidently is originally from Austria.

The truth is I couldn’t find too much on Stefan that didn’t seem like a glossy marketing pamphlet. Some of what I could find stated that Stefan was born and raised in Austria and took an active interest in fitness at an early age. Also that he acquired a culinary degree in Austria prior to coming to the United States.

So this is what I started with before digging into “Alpine Weight Loss Secrets”

As I read through the “AWLS” Stefan covers many of the bases that other diets do. He advocates, eating right, using fresh ingredients in your food, exercising, and working on your mental attitude.

The book also incorporates many different exercises and how to accomplish them along with worksheets to help you keep on task.

Stefan’s writing style is to the point and he uses stories of his youth to apply different lessons to how or why you may want to do something. It is an engaging way to discuss fitness and gives you reasons why you should make changes.

He also refers to the Gym as the new “Town Square” and that you have to be diligent to have fitness goals and not to just socialize.

Stressing that you don’t need a gym to get fit because there are so many other activities like walking, running, gardening, that you can do that will increase your fitness level.

As much as I didn’t want to like the book, (who likes diet books?) I found myself opening up to Mr. Aschan’s way of describing things. Some of what he mentions is common sense but he does pull the rug out on some notions of fat. “You have to eat fat to lose fat.” (true)  I’ve even struggled with weight gain chronicled  in my article, “192 Pounds and Climbing

Also the obligatory portion control information is in there. All in all the “Alpine Weight Loss Secrets” is a whole package that doesn’t promise anything magical. It has good solid principles of hard work, diet modification, exercise and portion control.

In the end I can’t agree with Mr. Stefan Aschan more.

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