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Brandied Carmel Nut Seduction Brownie #Recipe

After long last the brownie has a name, “Brandied Carmel Nut Seduction”!!! Congratulations to Jenni Field of North Carolina!!! Here are some of the other wonderful suggestions.  Thanks so much to everyone who participated. You all had wonderful suggestions so it was difficult to pick just one out. I would also like to thank my […]

Make It A Gyro Tonight! #Recipe Featuring Rocky Mountain Organic Meats

Gyros ( pronounced Yee-Rows) is a dish that originates from Greece and probably is an extension of the kebab.  It is meat, typically lamb, sliced in thin strips and served on flat bread with a yogurt based sauce. Today many gyros are made with meat mixed in with spices and cooked like a meatloaf or […]