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Big Devil Guacomole (Featuring Pollen Ranch’s Big Devil Spice Blend) #Recipe

A few weeks ago I found at my doorstep a care package from Pollen Ranch Spices. I’ve been playing around with some of their spice mixes but one particular blend caught my taste-buds.  Pollen Ranch uses in their spice blends, fennel pollen. What is Fennel Pollen? In an article for Saveur magazine, Peggy Knickerbocker […]

Wholly Chocolate Cake Batman! #Recipe

The other day I needed to pick up some round cake pans. There were some silicon pans and so I thought I would give them a try. After browsing through the selection I picked the Hamilton Beach 9inch silicon cake pan. I thought that the construction felt more ridged than the other pans that were […]

The Stickiest of Sticky Buns #Recipe

The sticky bun is an amazingly rich confectionery. Once you’ve eaten one you’ll never be satisfied with just a simple cinnamon roll. I have been wanting to tackle this recipe for a while but it is a somewhat time consuming process that I wasn’t able to put forth until today. What is the difference between […]