Artist Highlight: Kent Knapp Milwaukee Blacksmith

The Blacksmith was once a necessity of everyday life if you wanted any metal durable goods made.  Pots, pans, wagon wheel rims, cooking utensils, etc… they were all made by the local blacksmith.  Over time the way products get manufactured has changed to what it is today.  However the joy of having a handmade treasure made of metal, that an artist breathed life and purpose into, has been lost.

There has been a resurgence of blacksmithing in the past half century or so.  People that form and shape metallic forms.  Their focus is not always about the utilitarian roles of metal but the artistic as well.

Kent Knapp of Milwaukee Blacksmith is one of these people.  Kent and his family continue to expand the artist interpretations of what is possible with metal.  Each handmade product is a joy to behold as well as put to work in your daily life.

I had the chance to interview Kent the other day and find out more about him and his growing business.

Kent Knapp of Milwaukee Blacksmith’s Interview Below

You can check Kent out at his website