TofuXpress Tofu Press: Review

The TofuXpress

Tofu is a wonderful source of protein particularly if you are vegetarian or vegan.  However to help improve the texture, many times you have to press your tofu.  By pressing the tofu you get as much of the water out as you can so that marinades can be infused inside.  Also with less water to contend with, it’s much easier to fry tofu for a more pleasing outer crunch.

I have pressed tofu with plates weighted down and paper toweling.  This starts to look like the leaning tower of Pisa after awhile.  Other inventive people use foil covered bricks, cookie sheets or whatever else their ingenuity can devise.

In the end many times what you end up with is squashed tofu and a less perfect block in which to make your dish with.

One day while I was doing some research I came across the TofuXpress tofu press.  It is a device that incorporates a plastic container with a presser foot that is pushed down with a spring.  I was so intrigued that I pulled out my credit card and sent away for it.

As soon as it arrived, I pulled it out of the package, washed it and placed a block of drained tofu in it and let it start pressing.

How does it work?  Fantastic.  Here are a couple of pictures of what it does.

Drained tofu before pressing

Tofu after 2 hours of pressing

It’s amazing how much water came out of this tofu.  I used extra firm tofu and the TofuXpress still made a difference.  The tufu was much firmer and I cubed and pan fried it to perfection.

Also the TofuXpress can be used for fresh cheeses, pressing veggies like thawed frozen spinach for dips and whatever else you would like to try with this.

Tomorrow I’ll share with you a Japanese, tofu steak recipe that is amazing and would be a great way to try this press out.

My only concern is that some tofu isn’t always perfectly square.  When the tofu isn’t exactly block shaped the spring doesn’t press as evenly.  Not a big problem but something to be aware of.

My recommendation is that if you use or make your own tofu on a regular basis or like to press fresh cheeses and other items this is an excellent tool to added to your kitchen.

Where do I find this?

Via Amazon: TofuXpress