188 and dropping, the diet continues

6 weeks of lifestyle changes and 4 pounds dropped. Not exactly a stellar start to a diet but as my teacher told me once, “Slow and steady wins the race.”

These last few weeks have been difficult in a few other ways. I competed in a chili contest and chili must contain lots of calories. Either that or I wasn’t supposed to sample as many as I did. *Sigh*

My suggestion, only weigh yourself once a week. If I weighed myself every day I would drive myself insane seeing all of the ups and downs that happen through a given week. Lucky for me, mother nature has been providing me lots of white fluffy stuff to get my exercise with. Even with the precipitation, postponing, some of my exercise aspirations. the warmer weather and clear roads will allow me to gradually ramp up my outdoor activities as well. Also I have been attending a medieval sword fighting class once a week so it all helps.

My vice the past few weekends have been cinnamon rolls fresh out of the oven. Darn my baking talent. ;-)

On the up side, I’ve been sticking with water as my beverage of choice and we plan on installing a reverse osmosis filter in the house to help make it a bit more palatable.

Life is good though the weight drop has been slow.

How about you? How is your fitness goals going and anything that I can do to help keep you motivated?

Let me know and stay happy, healthy and fulfilled. We can do this together.

Chef Felisha