Kitchen Update #15 ( Tops, Plumbing, Sink ) #Video

This last week has been a busy one.  We finished the range hood exhaust to go out the roof, fitted the plywood tops on the cabinets, dropped the sink in, hooked up the 2 dishwashers, garbage disposal, and faucet, and even clean the kitchen a bit.

Whew!!  So from here on out the kitchen is functional and we can start cooking again as well as washing dishes in the kitchen sink and dishwashers.  I still catch myself running to the bathroom to fill up a glass of water though.  We now will start gathering materials for the concrete counter tops as well as getting all of the inner fixtures for the drawers and cabinets.  It feels great to be able to play in the kitchen again.  I even made sushi last night.  It has been almost 3 months since we’ve had sushi at home.  It felt and tasted like victory.

My knife block is an experiment and will need some brushing up before it is just the way that I want it.  However it looks pretty good so far but I know I can do better.  The smaller knives don’t stay in the block so I’ll have to figure out something better but in the mean time I have time to play with it.

Thanks so much everyone for you encouragement through all of this.  I very much appreciate it. :-)

Have a great day!!!